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3 Different Kinds Of Wall Sconces

When you are building your house, there are all kinds of things you get to plan. That includes what kind of lighting you have in your house. You might plan to have wall sconces set in your house. But, choosing a wall sconce isn't as easy as just saying that you want a sconce on that wall. There are different kinds of sconces, so knowing some of the different styles can help you find the one that's right for you. 

Up & Down Light Sconces

These are sconces where the light is directed in a particular direction. The sconce could be an uplight, meaning that the cover will direct the light up towards the ceiling. This is a good choice if you are looking for an indirect lighting source in a room. Downlight sconces are aimed at the floor. Those type of sconces would work well next to a bed, so that one person can read in bed or have light on their side of the bed without disturbing anyone else. There's also the choice of an up/downlight sconce, in which the light comes out of both ends. 

Candle Sconces

These sconces are a really traditional style. They generally consist of a backplate that attaches to the wall, and then a part that sticks out perpendicular at the bottom. On that base, there is a candlestick light. These days, instead of having an actual candle in the sconce, it is a candle shaped outlet. When the bulb is installed on the candle outlet, then it is reminiscent of the candle sconces that would be seen in older houses. If you have a historic house and you want to keep that authentic touch, you may want to go with a sconce like this. 

Swing Arm Sconce

The actual light part of a swing arm sconce can look like a variety of things, but most generally, it's a lightbulb with a shade, just like a desk lamp. The light is on a swing arm that will move away from the wall and can be positioned in a number of different ways. A swing arm sconce can work really well for a work area where you may need to have some extra light at times, but not all the time. 

If you are looking at new sconces and such for your new home, you will want to know a little bit about all the kinds of sconces out there. For more information, contact companies like Maple Electric Supply.