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Lost A Gemstone? Here Are Some Things That Your Jewelry Repair Service Can Do For You

When you have an earring, necklace, or some other type of jewelry that has multiple gemstones embedded in it, it's a disheartening feeling to look at the jewelry and realize that you've lost a gemstone. The likelihood of finding it is probably small unless you happened to lose it in your home, and even then, this challenge can be too big. You'll want to visit a local jewelry repair service to get help in dealing with this issue so that you can confidently continue to wear this piece of jewelry. Here are some things that your repair service can do.

Replace The Gemstone

Your top priority may be to have the gemstone replaced, and this is one thing that your local jewelry repair professional can do for you. He or she will assess exactly what type of gemstone is missing — this will be easy if the jewelry has other similar gemstones embedded in it, but you can also provide photos of the jewelry if necessary — and then order an appropriate replacement. This process will allow the technician to restore the original appearance of the piece of jewelry.

Find A Cost-Effective Replacement

You may be reluctant to spend a lot of money replacing the gemstone with another. This may especially be true if the jewelry was passed down through your family and you don't have the financial flexibility at this point in your life to buy what might be a very expensive gemstone. Your jewelry repair service can talk to you about a cost-effective replacement so that you can continue to wear the piece of jewelry. For example, a small piece of glass in the same color and cut as the gemstone can suit the jewelry and be impossible for the average person to identify as not real.

Secure The Other Gemstones

If your piece of jewelry has a number of other gemstones beyond the one that fell out, your jeweler repair technician will also make a point of checking each of them to ensure that they're secure. If one has already been lost, you don't want to lose another — but this could be exactly what might happen if the jewelry is old and perhaps in some degree of disrepair. The technician can remove and reset the other gemstones to give you the confidence that you can continue to wear the jewelry and know that the gemstones will safely remain in place for many years to come.

For more information on jewelry servicing, contact your local professionals today.