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Why Designer Sheepskin Shoes Are Trending (And How To Get Yours!)

For a long time, people wanted rattlesnake boots. Then they wanted crocodile loafers. Camel hair shoes were followed by calf suede. The search for the next new "skin" for footwear is always evolving, and that is made obvious by the latest trend of sheepskin. Designer sheepskin leather shoes are the newest skin shoe trend, and there are plenty of reasons why. Here are those reasons, as well as how you can get your sheepskin shoes today. 

The Skin Is Very Soft and Supple

Keep in mind that sheep produce lanolin, a sebaceous secretion that is used in many skin-softening and rash-soothing creams and lotions. Now consider the fact that their skin is constantly bathing in that secretion, and you will realize that their skin is very soft and supple. In fact, leather shoemakers do not have to tan the hides of sheep as much in order to get that leathery softness that is desired for making shoes. The softness is already there in the sheep's skins. 

The Shoes Are Even More Comfortable Than Wearing Deerskin

First Nation people used the skins of deer to make shoes because the deerskins were very soft and helped the people walk with a very quiet and gentle footfall. Sheepskin is even softer than deerskin, so if you have ever worn deerskin moccasins or deerskin boots, you know how soft sheepskin must be in comparison. Try wearing a pair of shoes made from deerskin, and then wear a similar pair in sheepskin and you will be able to feel the difference. 

Sheepskin Dyes Well

Sheep's wool dyes well. It absorbs clothing dyes and soaks it up without releasing much of anything. That is just the wool! The skins themselves absorb dye really well, too. Any shoes made from the sheep's leather can be dyed just about any color, lending itself to all kinds of designer possibilities. 

How to Get Your Designer Sheepskin Shoes

Stores in Canada are currently selling these shoes, but they are in high demand. Try high-end department stores to see what is available, and search those same stores online. Some styles, colors, and sizes may be on back order, but they will ship them if you place an order and are willing to wait for fulfillment. Some designers are offering a "sample patch" of the sheep's leather so you can feel for yourself just how soft the skins are and shoes will be; that may keep you until your shoes are sent.