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Tips for Designing a T-Shirt

A well thought out t-shirt design can be highly impactful, raise awareness for a cause, or perfectly sum up a brand. Unfortunately, a lack of attention to detail, color missteps, and sizing mishaps can waste you a lot of time and money. Here are a few common t-shirt design tips you need to remember.

Choose the Right Colors

Color can have a great impact on a shirt's look and design. Choosing the wrong colors can not only convey the wrong message, but the wrong colors can also make the shirt's logo, typography, and font blend into the background. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right colors for your t-shirt:

If you are creating multiple designs, take the time to determine which colors will work with each design. Create several mockups of t-shirts in multiple color combinations until you find the right fit for each design.

Choose the Right Font and Size

Consider the brand, message, and design when choosing a font. For example, if you are designing inspirational t-shirts, the serif fonts feature small flourishes at the ends of each letter that will add an elegant touch. 

The use of multiple font sizes will also allow important information to stand out. For instance, if you are using an inspirational quote on a t-shirt, the quote itself should be larger than other information, such as the author's name or the name of the organization. Like colors, use several fonts when designing the t-shirt to avoid choosing a font that doesn't work with the message and design.

Choose a High-Quality Image Resolution

Image resolution refers to the number of pixels per square inch, or PPI, in an image. The higher the PPI is, the crisper, clearer, and more easily recognizable the image will be. The design on your t-shirt might also be represented in DPI, or dots per square inch. Either way, choosing the design with the wrong PPI or DPI will make it appear less sharp and more inexpensive.

If you are pulling an image from the internet, choose an image that features a high PPI. This will translate into a higher DPI or PPI on the t-shirt. In most cases, you will be able to choose the DPI or PPI on your t-shirt before it is printed as well. Work with the printer and designer to determine which resolution is the best option for your project.

Choose the Right Fabric

The final cost of your t-shirt is dependent upon several factors, including the cost of materials. Skimping on the material is a big mistake because it will not only make the t-shirt feel less luxurious, the t-shirt could shrink after it is washed and dried. For example, according to Real Simple, Pima cotton resists fading and stretching, but it is also very expensive. Rayon is a man-made fabric that more inexpensive but not breathable as cotton. A poly-cotton blend is often a good choice if you are buying in bulk because the fabric is durable, less prone to shrinkage, and more affordable than cotton.

From choosing the right image resolution to remembering color contrast, there are several common t-shirt design tips to remember. Contact a company that sells clothing such as M.I.N.E. design sweatshirts for more information about design.