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Fitness-Focused Promotional Products To Give Out

Distributing promotional products is a good practice for virtually every type of business. While there are many different directions that you can pursue when it comes to deciding what products you'll give out, one option is to think about the products that are related to your type of business. If your business relates to health and fitness in any way, promotional products that people can use to get and stay fit will be a good option to pursue. Many different promotions companies have various fitness-focused promotional products to give away, including these options.

Water Bottles

A water bottle is a simple device, but it's also one that can be instrumental in someone getting fitter. If someone who is committed to being healthy makes it a priority to drink more water throughout the day — perhaps instead of consuming soft drinks or coffee — he or she will be happy to carry around a water bottle. Your branding information on the exterior of the bottle can be a good way to increase the awareness of your organization to people the water bottle user encounters.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats can be another type of fitness-focused promotional product to distribute. You can work with your promotions company to come up with a suitable way to print your company's information on yoga mats. For example, you might favor something subtle, rather than bold — perhaps having your name, logo, and website across one end of the yoga mat, rather than spanning its entire surface. This is an effective promotional product because of the amount of time other people see it. Someone in the same yoga class as one of your mat users might be just feet away from your branding information for the entirety of the class, and this could compel him or her to look up your company afterward.

Workout Towels

Fitness enthusiasts commonly carry towels during certain activities, especially if they sweat profusely. In professional sports, international companies often have their branding information on towels because of the TV airtime that these towels can get. You can take a similar approach by putting your brand's information on a number of towels that you can give away as a promotional tool. White towels are popular among workout enthusiasts and can be an effective, neutral background for your branding information. Speak to a local promotions company to learn about what additional fitness-focused promotional business items are available to you.