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Recreational Gear For The Water

A water trampoline, a water bouncer, and a floating dock will provide you and your family with a fun and healthy way to exercise next summer. If you live in a lakefront home and you have been granted permission to add sporting gear to the portion of the water that is directly in front of your home, choose equipment that will support the types of activities that you and your family are interested in.

A Water Trampoline

A water trampoline and a bouncer are both designed to be stood and jumped upon, but the setup process varies, and the size of the equipment and its overall use will differ somewhat. If you are seeking a large platform that several people can use at the same time and that will allow a user to achieve a height that is similar to what can be attained with a standard trampoline, a water trampoline is what you need.

A water trampoline will contain a metal outer ring, a spring apparatus, a cushioned pad, and an anchoring system. A trampoline should only be used in deep water. A water trampoline can often support extra gear, such as a metal or an inflatable ladder or slide. If you and your family will be in and out of the water or plan on competing and will be switching activities frequently, choose a trampoline size and style, plus the additional gear that will provide ease of access.

A Bouncer

A bouncer will furnish enough room for one or two people to jump at the same time, but each jump may not be as elevated as it would be with a trampoline since a bouncer will not contain a spring apparatus. A bouncer will need to be anchored in the same manner as a water trampoline, and the upper chamber will need to be filled with air prior to use. An electric air pump can be used to fill up a bouncer on land prior to carrying the bouncer out into the water and anchoring it.

A Floating Dock

A floating dock will provide a stable area to relax while observing others as they enjoy an activity or while waiting to dive into the water and race against your loved ones. Choose a floating dock style that will support the combined weight of your family and that includes an optional anchoring system, which can be used when it is more convenient to stabilize the unit.

To learn more, contact a supplier that carries water sports gear.